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Knowledge for Buyers:

Why should I buy through the SPLEXS platform?
SPLEXS makes International trade easily, safely and profitable. Buying from SPLEXS means placing an order direct to the manufacturer so you have purchasing benefit.
Do you need to pay for using SPLEXS?
SPLEXS is free for all buyers. You only pay for your order, shipping cost and the extra service we offer.
How do I create an account?
You can register here and start shopping.
What type service I can buy from SPLEXS platform?
See our service page here.
What is the difference between a regular purchase and a collective purchase?
Regular sale is that one person can buy the product and collective sale you can buy in a group with other companies. The collective sale make it possible for buying small quantities.
How does the payment work?
You can make payment safely with your debit or credit card. For the regular sale you can pay directly for your product with your credit card or debit card. For the collective sale we will make a reservation on your credit card. If the order reach the minimum quantity then it will be an order.
How do I know is the quality and amount I order its correct?
We work with qualified manufacturer that insure quality products. If you still doubt, you can use our Inspection service. See inspection service here.
What is the delivery time of the products?
You will see the delivery time on each product. This is depending on the production and shipping time of the order.
I am not satisfied with the products received, what can I do?
Our company has a strong experience in trading with foreign countries. The suppliers that are selected have to go through an intensive selection process, with high standards. The manufacturer will most likely solve the problem as quick as possible, because otherwise, they lose rating on the platform, which harms their business performance. We do always our best to mediate between buyer and seller if something goes wrong, but we cannot give any guarantees.
I haven’t received an offer, who can I contact?
You can contact SPLEXS through email, phone call or online chat.

Knowledge for sellers: