About Splexs

Our Story

Split Export System (SPLEXS) idea has emerged in 2014, as a result of years of experience in international trade and retailing sectors. Our founder Danny Casimir wanted to create an online system which allows all kinds of business types to do international trade easily and profitably. With a great passion for fashion and international trade, he worked hard to create the best online system to bring all parties of fashion together: manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and designers. In 2016 we have started the development of Splexs platform to bring his idea to life. We launched our platform in 2018 and brought SPLEXS into your service.

Our System

Split Export System (SPLEXS) is a powerful business platform designed to facilitate and service the needs of small, medium-sized and large business organizations in international trade. It is a robust system that allows small businesses to import directly from manufacturers across Europe in a seamless fashion, thereby helping manufacturers to increase their exports and hence boost sales revenues.

Splexs operates as a transparent, easy-to- understand and smooth system. It acts as a virtual partner for businesses for its users. Splexs gives you the force to navigate the tides of international trade without ambiguity and it provides an easy entry point for MSMEs to the international trade. Our target is to become the first Global eCorporation that serves as a backbone for various businesses across the globe.

Our Culture

In Splexs we work with an international mindset, we take our strength from our diversity and team spirit.

We believe in equality and we are working hard to offer equal chances to all kinds of entrepreneurs to enter and grow in international fashion trade with us.

We value responsible trade and transparency. We ensure safe, easy and fair trade for all parties on our platform.

Our Team

Our team is consist of a group of experts who have spent many years in marketing and global trade and young minds who are excited and curious about fashion and international trade. With the synergy they produce, our target is to start a revolutionary era in the fashion industry and international trade.

As Splexs team we believe in diversity and the magic of fusion of different minds. Therefore, we work together, we learn together and grow together. We value continuous learning and innovation. We always look for possibilities to develop our business partners' and costumers' experience in our platform.

Wear Fair

We stand for beauty, utility and sustainability. We strive hard for a fair and sustainable trade era in the fashion industry.

We want to bring beauty to the world in the most sustainable way. We visit our business partners on a regular basis to ensure good working conditions and application of European standards by certification controls.